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The biggest RC parts and accessories database provides detailed informations and comparisons for thousands of various RC parts and accessories, like engines, electromotors, servos, escs, receivers, transmitters and batteries specifications. RC base helps you enjoy the magic of RC models keeping you up-to-date with the new informations and tehnical specifications.

RC-Base.com is an online destination for RC parts specifications and informations. It is a nice helper when you have specific needs for your project. RC-Base.com has advanced search and filter feature to find and sort any part, RC brand or manufacturer, based on any available criteria, according to any available attribute.

The goal of this project is to have and serve detailed and organized information, original manufacturer specification for (almost) every RC part we could find on the internet. RC base is not distributor, or financial mediator, surviving on commissions. Our business has no scope of selling because we are not selling any product listed here.