Glow - nitro

Usually, glow/nitro engines are the best choice for smaller RC toys. Smaller nitro powered engine produce the same amount of power as a larger gas engine because methanol/air mixture produces more energy than gasoline/air mixture during combustion. Nitro engines use glow plugs to ignite the fuel/air mixture. RC glow/nitro engines does not require on-board ignition systems which adds to the weight even more.

YS Engines YS-80 ST3 Heli
RC Helicopter
520 g
YS FZ140 Sport Four Stroke Glow Engine
RC Airplane
890 g
Zenoah G-23G Glow
1049 g
1566 W
YS Engines 91SR3C
RC Helicopter
YS Engines YS .63 FZ
RC Airplane
505 g
YS Engines .53FZ
RC Airplane
460 g
YS Engines 91SR-E
RC Helicopter
533 g
XTM .21 Pro
303 g
1790 W
YS Engines YS 1.40
RC Airplane
895 g
2051 W
YS Engines .61 ST-2
RC Helicopter
541 g