ZDZ® Giant Scale Gas Engines are proudly made in the Czech Republic by ZDZ® Modelmotor s.r.o.. These engines have been designed from scratch for RC Model Aircraft. No industrial engine or chain saw pa

Lightweight, Powerful, Low vibration levels, Fuel efficient, Reliable, Long service life and be easy to manufacture. Most ZDZ engines have rotary valves*. This is one of the main reasons for the incredible throttle response, smoothness and power of ZDZ RC gas engines. Most engineering experts agree that the rotary valve has brought the two-cycle engine its highest degree of efficiency and performance. NEW ZDZ ENGINE TECHNOLOGY! ZDZ Modelmotor is proud to announce their collaboration with a major Italian manufacturer to provide new state of the art cylinders on all new ZDZ engines. This hi-tech Italian company also provides engine parts for motorbikes and automobiles and specializes in plating technology. The new cylinders feature a new enhanced high strength aluminum alloy with a bead blasted finish for optimum cooling. A durable Nikasil plated cylinder liner is computer honed to an exacting tolerance providing a perfectly round barrel for improved lubrication, compression and of course, higher power output. They are also much less prone to scratching, peeling, overheating or seizure. This equates to a significant increase in engine longevity with a high level of sustained performance. For those of you familiar with ZDZ engines and their reputation for extreme power to weight ratios with lightning fast throttle response afforded by rotary valve induction, this is great news! ZDZ Modelmotor wants to be your only choice for innovative high quality European engines! ZDZ MODELMOTOR s.r.o. CZECH REPUBLIC proudly presents its range of Giant Scale 2 - stroke Gas Engines for RC model airplanes. Our engines are made with over fifteen years experience in design and production of RC gas engines. All our engines were developed and designed specially for RC Giant Scale Model Aircraft. With our engine you get: GREAT POWER TO WEIGHT RATIO, NICE SMOOTH DESIGN, VERY LOW VIBRATIONS, FAST AND LINEAR THROTTLE RESPONSE, QUIET STABLE AND LOW IDLE, EASY STARTING AND RELIABLE ENGINE, FULLY SHIELDED IGNITION WITHOUT ANY RADIO INTERFERENCE. Actually we offer also wide line of ZDZ brushless motors and many various accessories for modellers. We wish you many good flights with ZDZ engines.